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Richard’s Birthday


Happy Birthday Richard

Thank you for inviting me to your party. It was a pleasure to meet you and Carol as well as your lovely friends and family.

Thanks to everyone for telling your stories and giving these pictures new life, in a moment shared. I hope everyone enjoys this album.

“Every photo has a story to tell and every viewer can tell it in their own unique way!” Just Jaq

“It looks like Jean Shrimpton.” Phil

“Autumn is my favorite time of the year and it reminds me of when we were kids. My sister and I used to pick them up on the way back from school. – It reminds me of this.”  Mateja

“This tickles my head. It absolutely tickles my fancy. It makes me feel good inside.” Carol

“Thinking of happy families. It reminds me of all my nieces and nephews and it reminded me of how long it took us to take a photo like that at home.” Faryat

“There is something about this. It looks war-torn. There is a lot of pain in this. I actually look at this and think in my mind. I think he might be thinking –

‘I’ll just dab this and then I’m going to move on from this’. I think that it represents strength and determination.” Meredith

“I would love to live in the country one day and this dog looks happy in the country, so I thought I could be happy in the country as well.” Derek

“Ready to Run” Ekhtar

“She looks like my niece – Sharon.” Val

“I gave my card to Kristy, she lost her mind! It was visceral. She just said, “I want that”. You will have to ask Kristy I had to give it to her.” Carol

“Because it looks like Chloe, one of our dogs who is no longer with us.” Kristy and Scott

“This reminded me of a bugal dog that I loved as a child and it made me just want to hug it. Its so cute!” Deb

“There was a pile of cards and I thought I’d pick the thirteenth card as thirteen is supposed to be unlucky.”  John

“Well I just picked it out of the blue. I was given it. It was quite spontaneous.” Brice

“I would have two houses like this. I could live in one and the other one is for Brice.” Maxien

“This is similar to pictures that I like to take myself. I take things like this that have a little mystery to them and very often, I make paintings from them as well.” Paul

“I love the fashions and nostalgia of the 1940s, despite the 2nd World War and my husband and I have learnt to dance, West Cost Swing and the Jitter Bug, so that we can dress the part.” Penny

“H 14 exchanged for G7 spy’s! – Mata Hari was a World War 1 spy. She was a sex goddess of the time. She had a dance that captured the attention of the ministers and they would tell her everything she needed to know.” Charlie

“I picked this one because I think it is romantic. Now everyone knows I’m romantic! Ha ha” Richard

“I liked the shadows because I am reading a book about shadows at the moment, which is about discovering your shadow.” Kevin

 “Because I thought it was very sweet, very personal and it showed how much they loved each other.” Etta

“Just moved, I’m obsessed with organisation, so the draw symbolised having to get organised.” Paul

“Because it was elusive. Opening opportunities.” Barbara

“Its very good because the focus on the left is irrelevant. You have positioned the little girl to the right. We are right hand orientated so therefore, the child is perfectly placed.

The child is also pretty. The viewers focus is therefore the Child.” Gordon

“I was given this, so I didn’t choose it, but I do love the Mr Men.” Tristan

“It’s the kind of picture that I would take, where everyone is out of their face.”  He is like – “No comment!” He is not sure what is going to happen. Its like – “I hope something good is going to happen. Ha ha”  Stepano

“I don’t know!” Taj

“The blue shirt reminds me of my family. My father would wear that shirt in the US. And then there is the head of the cookie, which has been bitten off! I love the fact that these are delicate hands and this little person has bitten the head off the cookie!” Meredith

“I went to a masquerade ball with a black mask, danced all night and drank.  I then went on to a house party with about seven others and we were plied with vodka and coke all night and I don’t know how I got home. There is a lot more to the story, but that’s it for now.” Sanjay

“Because I know Cherry” Paul

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