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Sorting through my family photographs with my Mum and Nephew, I realized how we view our family photographs differently at each phase of our lives. I felt incredibly lucky to have photographs that depict the family that I know and love and relatives from the 1800s who I will never know, but still feel connected to, through the medium of photography.

I enjoyed touching the photographs and noticing the different qualities of the prints from decade to decade. As we started to reminisce, I noticed my mum becoming more animated as she disappeared for ten minutes at a time, returning with another battered suitcase, shoe box or storage container full of photographs.

It was fascinating to review hundreds of photographs, which document our family’s growth over my parent’s lifetime and found it hard to choose a few key photos to represent something about my childhood and where my love of photography came from.

The photos that I finally selected represent my grand parents and their grand parents, my parents, my brother and sister and myself. I chose to include me riding my first bike and the amazing rocking horse that my father made for me, before I was able to ride a real horse! I tried to pick photographs that provoked strong memories, such as my grandad falling asleep in the chair with his newspaper on his tummy and my mum enjoying ballet and roller-skating.

I also picked photographs, which my family felt proud of such as a photo of my sister that my dad proclaimed to be his best photo. He recalled: “ I took the photograph when I was bending down to look at my new car. I captured Nicki as she came out from behind the car at the very moment when she was surprised to see me.”

The wonderful thing about photography is that every image has a story to tell and will mean something different to everyone that views it.

My experience reminded me of one of my favourite quotes and this is one of the reasons why I want to take pictures and help other people to make memories that last a lifetime.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Quote by: Aaron Sussman

Francine my Grandma Griggs (Dads Mum)
Francine with John and Gordon (My Uncle and Dad)An early photo of my Dad who in later life became a cabinet maker and my Dad with his Dad who passed away just a few years laterSome incredible photographs of my Great Grandma and her GrandmaA studio photograph of Bernard (My Grandad Wilkins)Studio Photographs of Bernard and Edna (Nan and Grandad Wilkins)Edna and Bern as a happy coupleStudio photographs of Pam (My Mum)A lovely christmas gift from PamBurn DrivingMy favourite photo of my “gramps” having a snooze after dinnerMy Mum’s favourite toyMy Mum’s loving life as she still does todayMy Mum’s first bikeThe begining
My Mum and Dad’s beautiful 1960’s wedding albumTelegrams that were tucked into a special keepsake envelope inside the album

The christenings of my Bother and SisterThen I came alongA cheeky school photo of Karl and NickiThe best photo my Dad has ever taken!Some more school photosNicki taking a ride in style
My happiest memoriesMy first experience of riding a real horseA lovely family holiday with Duke our dogA family group shot before my brother and sister had their own families

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